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Women’s Breakfast, Saturday, March 25th

Clear your calendar and clean your closet! This special ladies breakfast hosted by Irene Leschert will include a complimentary breakfast, a short devotional followed by a clothing / accessory exchange. Spring clean the closets and drawers and hopefully go home with some fresh things! Feel free to bring children's clothes as well. 9:00 - 10:30am, 4735 Woodside Place. Come and enjoy! RSVP to Irene at irene@leschert.bc.ca.

Men’s Breakfast, Saturday, March 11th

Prepare your stomachs and your hearts for a men's breakfast and fellowship time at Al and Irene Leschert's, Saturday, March 11th, 8:00am - 9:30am, 4735 Woodside Place, West Vancouver. There will also be a time of discussion about what type of ministry would best serve our men going forward (i.e. social, bible study, etc.)  This is a complimentary breakfast. Just bring yourselves!

Stew Sunday, February 5th

It's been awhile since we've had a Stew Sunday in the house. As always, bring a main dish and a friend and let’s celebrate good friends and fellowship by enjoying a meal together! We will start with a shortened church service from 10:00 – 11:00 followed by a meal in the hall. The church will provide desert and drinks. Everyone is welcome. 6404 Wellington Avenue.

Valentine’s Day Stew Sunday, Feb 14th

Yes! Our next Stew Sunday is on Valentine's Day. Bring a dish, a friend, and love in your heart as we celebrate Valentine's Day with our church family. After a shortened service, we will gather in the hall for a fabulous feast. Please bring a main dish. The church will provide drinks and deserts. Aside from great food and friendship, we have a little something special planned as well.  It's a Valentine's Day surprise! Don't miss it. (more…)

Stew Sunday, November 22nd

Bring a friend and a dish to share this Sunday for Revolution Church's Stew Sunday. This week will be special as all our musicians will be on stage leading us in worship! And, as always, the food and fellowship afterwards are top notch. Thanks to everyone in advance for bringing your best and sharing your lives and passion. If you have never been to Revolution Church and are curious, pop in for some great music and get to know us afterwards with some great food. We'd love it if you joined us! photo credit: DSC_5775