Stew Sundays

In every culture around the world, feasting and mealtimes are the way humans get to know each other better and share what is meaningful in our lives. Sometimes our weeks go by so fast and we don’t get to connect with each other the way we want to. For this reason, every few weeks we shorten the service by cutting out the teaching time so that we can enjoy a meal together in the church hall. We call it Stew Sunday because when we were still a very small group, one of us would make a stew or chili and bring it for the whole group. Now, we all bring a main dish to share but the “Stew Sunday” name remains.

There is always lots of delicious food and plenty to spare if you are visiting. It is a brilliant time to talk with someone you haven’t talked with before, get to know some of the kids, or have a longer chat with one of the pastors.

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