You will not be asked for money at Revolution Church. We do not pass around an offering basket on Sunday, unless it is for a special need or event. We do have a place for people to bring their monetary contributions at the back of the church or also through email transfers.

We believe giving of our finances is very important, as it is an expression of our heart of worship to God and a service for the advancement of His Kingdom purposes. But it should always be in a context of freedom and grace. When we give, we are greatly blessed. Generosity and sacrifice are honoured by our heavenly Father, who Himself models generosity to us. But God is most interested in the heart behind the giver rather then the gift itself. That is why we choose to allow people the space to give freely from a willing heart rather then under compulsion or obligation.

Revolution Church is a registered charity. Gifts received through cash, check or online transfers will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. First time givers, please include your address for our records.

You can send email transfers to