Lisa Russell

This Sunday after the service we will head to Whytecliff Park for a picnic, fellowship, games and sport. Please pack a picnic for yourself and your family with a little something extra to spare. Also blankets or lawn chairs to sit on, your bathing suit if you want to swim and any sports equipment or games you may like play with the group. We will have some fun games for the family and a little extra food and drink for any guests or friends that may join us for the first time. At present there is a BBQ ban in all Northshore Parks so we will not be able to bring a BBQ for meat. If this changes we will let you know.

Whytecliff can be a busy place on a Sunday afternoon and finding parking can be a bit of a challenge. Please note that there is an upper parking lot located to the right (as you are coming in to the park). If possible though you may want to consider parking at the church and carpooling together so that we require less parking spaces. Be prepared that you may have to walk a little way once you park as well so dropping your stuff off at Whytecliff with the group and then parking may be a good idea as well.

Look forward to enjoying some fun and sun together.