Can People Really Change?

Jeb Dykema

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Yes? No? Sort of? It’s not a bad thing. You reflect on the year behind, you look forward to the year ahead. The start of a year is a good time to step back and examine your life. To pause and reflect.

A prayer of mine at the beginning of each year is, “May this year be above and beyond previous years.” I want to look back in a year’s time and not be the same person that I am right now. I pray that each year would bring change to who I am.

But here’s the question, do people really change? Can people really change? Are there various levels of change? What parts of us can change? Can personality change? Some people argue you can change habits, but does that change who you are? We see in God’s Word that change IS possible and desired by God. However, we can change in different directions: toward God or away from God. Change with intention – change toward God – involves discipline.

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